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March 31, 2023

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Black Cherry

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Black Cherry

All of our cherry comes from Pennsylvania which is known for its high quality lumber. We purchase high quality logs, cut them into boards, kiln dry them, skip plane them, and finally get them on the shelf. Why do we go to all this trouble when we could get order a pallet of cherry from a distributor? It’s simple. We want to offer you the nicest cherry boards!

According to the NHLA ( the national lumber association), sapwood is not considered a defect in cherry. I guess that some people like sapwood on their cherry board but we prefer to trim off the sapwood. This way, you get only beautiful heartwood.

4/4 (1″): $6.50 a board foot (over 200 bf)
6/4 (1.5″): $7.30 a board foot ( over 200 bf)
8/4 (2″): $8.30 a board foot (over 200 bd ft)
> 8″ is + .50, > 12″ is + .50