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May 23,2022
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Home Butternut


Butternut is in the Black Walnut family but is half as dense and has half the weight of Black Walnut. Some people even call it the “White Walnut” although it is tan in color. Butternut has the same beautiful grain that is seen in our Black Walnut so it is a very nice wood to use as an accent or can be used in cabinetry.

Butternut is becoming a rare find. We were able to find a supplier from the northern US that had some available for sale. FAS means that the boards are high quality. A 1C rating are for boards that have some knots or worm holes) The wormy Butternut as a visual appearance to wormy Chestnut.

4/4 FAS (1″): $7.50 a board foot
(over 200 bf in stock)
5/4 FAS (1.25″): $8.00 a board foot
(over 200 bf in stock)
1C Wormy Butternut: $5.10 a board foot
(over 200 bf in stock)
> 8″ is +$1.00