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May 16,2022
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Why does our Black Walnut
look as good as it does?

First, we don't take any trees butt cut (the bottom cut from the tree) unless it is more than 16" wide. We do this so that we can remove the sap (white edges of the tree) and still have a large enough section of heartwood to cut beautiful boards. Then we only sell the boards that are 95% knot free. Anything less gets sold to other companies. This way we can be sure that you are receiving the nicest quality boards. We are now carrying Ambrosia Maple in both 4/4 and 8/4 Thicknes

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We Now Carry 8/4 Canarywood

If you are considering a new dining table, Canarywood may appeal to you.  It has golds, yellow, with streaks of red.

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Eastern Red Cedar

By popular demand, we now have a very nice selection of eastern red cedar. It is a superb wood for outdoor uses including raised plant beds and Appalachian chairs