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May 28, 2023

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Hardwood Lumber Products Offered at GPS Hardwoods in the Greensboro Area

Many residents here in Greensboro and Winston Salem, NC head out to their local hardware store when they need lumber; however, the selections these stores offer are limited. Here at GPS Hardwoods, our focus is on milling the highest quality  hardwoods that you won’t find just anywhere. Our unique inventory of hardwood lumber and commitment to quality motivates artisans such as furniture and cabinet makers, wood workers, and musical instrument makers, or hobbyists looking to make aesthetically pleasing doghouses or birdhouses to visit us.

Hardwood Lumber Varieties That We Offer At Our Greensboro Mill

Lumber that we offer here at GPS Hardwoods includes:

Our Greensboro, NC Hardwood Lumber Distribution Facility Also Offers: 


Exotic Hardwood Lumber in North Carolina

Many choices listed above are considered exotic hardwoods because they don’t exist outside the Appalachian Mountains region. They’re also regarded as exotic because of their unique, appearance. 

Many Greensboro residents often prefer to improve more than just flooring using our lumber. Many hobbyists around the Piedmont Triad use our hardwood lumber for:

  • Creating interior accent walls
  • Furniture building projects
  • Making musical instruments
  • Hobby woodworking projects

The uses described above are only a few of the ways our customers have told us they plan to use the hardwood lumber they purchase from us. Another regular request we receive here at GPS Hardwoods is for our live edge slabs so that our customers can turn them into tables or countertops. Click here to see what our customers have created using our hardwoods.

What To Expect When Buying Hardwood Lumber in Greensboro, NC

If you read our about us page, you’ll quickly discover what sets GPS Hardwoods apart from other lumber facilities in North Carolina. We source logs close and far, then mill and seal them before placing the planks into our  kilns for drying. This process preserves woods’ unique characteristics that are so often missing among the selections at big box hardware stores.

Why Shop At GPS Hardwood?

We don’t have a fancy showroom where we keep our hardwood lumber on display. We, instead, operate out of a  barn on the outskirts of Greensboro here in Kernersville, NC. Our operation is wholly focused on the production of turning out the best hardwood lumber you can get your hands on. Our stellar reviews speak to how well we do that.

Click on the different hardwood lumber options above to help you hone in on the ones we regularly have in stock. Rest assured, we can get you enough of the wood you’re looking for, no matter how large your project is. Contact us at GPS Hardwood today to discuss your needs. We’ll be awaiting your call or email.